The Tiger’s Wish

A Whitetide Streak short story

Weston Breland prowls the fringes of Chanelle Faye’s world, a ballet virtuoso ensnared by a toxic relationship. As a tiger shifter, he’s patiently awaited the perfect moment to claim her as his mate. The promise of a passionate future beckons, yet her heart remains shackled by the chains of the past.

As Chanelle’s disastrous romance unravels, a chance for new love emerges as she crosses paths with Weston. Drawn to his alluring presence like a moth to a flame, she discovers a chance to escape the darkness that has preyed on her.

Yet, as Chanelle and Weston grow closer, so do the secrets and shadows of her past that threaten to shatter the fragile trust they’ve built.

Haunted by the nightmares of a former love, Chanelle must choose to either embrace the past or forge a new future of her own desire. Weston, torn between his tiger’s primal instincts and the complexities of human emotion, faces a heart-wrenching decision: risk it all to claim his mate or retreat into the darkness forever.

The Tiger’s Wish chronicles the events preceding Pinstripes, book 1 of the Whitetide Streak series.

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