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These “perfectly imperfect” print books are still 100% readable, but do not meet our standards to charge full price for them. Some of these books are older editions, extra proof copies, may have minor print errors in them, have alternate/older covers, show light damage/wear, and/or unclaimed signed/personalized books from past conventions.

If you like having a print book to read, and don’t mind the book having a few bumps and scratches, please consider adopting one or more of these books at a reduced price and add them to your cozy bookshelf!

  • Quantities are limited.
  • ** All sales are final. ** No refunds or exchanges on discounted books.
  • U.S. Shipping only.
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Scorched (Paperback), The Arrangement (Paperback), Scratched (Paperback), Scorned (Paperback), Pinstripes (Paperback), Sweet Stripes (Version 1) (Paperback), The Blackmail (Hardback), The Blackmail (Paperback), The Necromancer's Apprentice (Paperback), Firebrand (Paperback), Enflamed (Paperback), Flameseeker (Paperback), Sweet Stripes (Version 2) (Paperback)